o.O simply amazing.

“You know it…it takes seconds to say hello but forever to say goodbye. Moving on is easy but what you leave behind is what makes it hard.”



What is music?

People under mind the power of music sometimes. Have you ever watched a movie without music and it have the same affect on you as it did with the music? Or have you ever tried to express yourself to someone without beats or lyrics? What about dancing, what would dancing be without music….simply people looking damn crazy. 0.0 haha Music is such a blessing. Music is the heart and soul of a person. It’s what helps us understand the meanings of life, the meanings of love, and the meanings of expression. Everyone knows me as being the hopeless romantic poetic. The person that isn’t afraid of expressing what I truly feel. I write down my lyrics/poems/etc whenever I can but not too long ago I realized what my true love in life is and that’s one simple word, passion, and feeling Music! What is music to you? Do you not cherish it? Think about it. Look around, or just pause close your eyes and listen. Music is what keeps this world in motion.


Time 4 Changes

Life seems to be the same drag, where nothing seems to move, change, or even live. I’ve told myself over and over that I will do something with my life…which is exactly what I am doing. I’m going to school to hopefully finish within the next year or so and begin with my life time career. I have a passion for music and I will work hard and never give up to reach my goals. I will give up my free time, my social life, and my sleep just to be who I know I can be…